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Daniel Scuzzarello

I'm passionate about personal growth and exploring new frontiers of human capacity. How far can a person go when in synchronicity?

My mission is to make an impact on leaders to bring consciousness to all sized companies and corporations.

Redefining a new level of extraordinary life together with my family and my tribe.



Everyone is a leader, you could be CEO of a multinational corporation, Board Member, Department Manager, Director, or leading your tribe, your family, or simply lead your path toward the life you deserve. 

As a leader, it's your responsibility to grow together with your dreams. 

I started studying personal development when my career was speeding up toward the traditional definition of success, costing me my health, my family, and my peace of mind. 

Since then I dove deep into Health and Fitness, Spirituality, Mindset, and NLP. 

I've worked in corporate management since 2010 and I currently sit as CEO of Siemens DISW South America. 



For me, there is no separation between Spirituality and Leadership, as a matter of fact, there is no separation between Spirituality and my Life. 

By Spirituality, I don't mean any religion, but a connection with my higher self, the divine in and around me.

I'm a student of the Red Path, Shamanic Medicine Man, Quantum Flow Practitioner, as well as a deep observer of the miracles happening all around us and an eager student of life. 

I dedicate my life to the discovery of the invisible truth and channeling and protecting the light.

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